Eastern Spectrum Group Co., Ltd. is one of Thailand's leading fully integrated cannabis plant cultivators and processors, offering the highest quality of medical-grade and consumer hemp-derived CBD products. From seed-to-sale, our vertically integrated production pipeline complies with GMP, GAP, and GACP regulatory licenses, ensuring commitment to quality control at the highest standard.


Our products are driven by extensive research at each stage of the supply chain from cultivation through extraction, to guarantee improved and innovative CBD solutions. At ESG we truly believe in the health benefits of the cannabis hemp plants and our data-backed approach ensures the safety and consistency of our CBD products.    

" To elevate the global standard of living by bringing Eastern Spectrum CBD into the hands and homes of people around the world "



ESG cultivation facilities are located in the northern region of Thailand. This region has always been a hub for agricultural activities in Thailand - naturally filled with mountainous green and an indigenous population that have a rich history in cannabis farming. As one of the original countries that is home to Cannabis Sativa, ESG is developing one of Thailand's oldest agricultural industries at the heart of its origin. 


Thailand offers an abundance of sunlight and heat, ensuring an optimized growing environment for cannabis plants. By regulating sun exposure, we are able to effectively use the natural climate in order to produce a lean and robust cultivation cost structure.


Our Subsidiaries


Eastern Spectrum Labs is the research division of Eastern Spectrum Group. We at ESL truly believe in the power of the botanical extracts found in cannabis plants as a natural medicinal and wellness remedy.

The drive to innovate leads ESL to research and develop new genetic strains that allow us to deliver highly effective and reliable products to further enrich the lives in our community.