Eastern Spectrum Labs x Maejo University



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Eastern Spectrum Labs, has engaged in a partnership with Maejo University to jointly conduct research and development of new high-quality strains. The partnership is centered around cannabis and hemp research for medicinal and consumer purposes. This enables ESL to conduct genetic strain research on local and foreign cannabis strains. These genetic research findings will allow the identification of certain strain traits that have healing and other wellness properties to treat an array of health conditions.


We are particularly excited to partner with Maejo university as they are the largest agricultural university in Thailand and hold a staggering reputation in the farming community. With Maejo University we look to synergize each other’s expertise in cannabis cultivation and agricultural skills.


At ESL we firmly believe in the philosophy of constant innovation and improvement of cannabis strains to discover the health and wellness benefits that other cannabinoids can provide. 


Founded on June 7th, 1934, Maejo University is considered as Thailand's oldest, largest and most prestigious agricultural institution. The university is built upon expertise in agriculture within the upper northern region and highland farming areas of Thailand. In collaboration with the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) regarding cannabis, Maejo University currently has the first-ever industrial-scale medical cannabis manufacturing facility in the ASEAN region.


ESG specializes in strains that contain high CBD content and other valuable cannabinoids in order to yield maximum health and wellness benefits. With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, our cultivation experts spearhead research and development of genetic cross-breeding in order to attain new plant genetics with rich cannabinoid attributes.

Working closely with Maejo University, we carefully cross-breed local Thai and foreign strains to develop high CBD and low THC genetic properties in our seeds. Embedding systematic and sustainable techniques will enable us to extract beneficial cannabinoids of different strains. 

The research will also lay the foundation for a contract farming program with Maejo University and help benefit the local agricultural industry.